testimonials Jan 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Kim,

My husband (41) and our 13-year old daughter came to your taekwando class two weeks ago. when they got home the first night, they somehow seemed different, happier, more spiritual. They excitedly told me how much the loved your class already! They also showed me the "medals" they had around their necks and how much better the medals made them feel. My husband let me wear his medal that night and the next couple of days. I had a spinal fusion on December 17th, 2007 (six procedures were done - a new fusion at L4-5 and a re-do on L5-S1 from a previous fusion in December 1996). I wasn't sleeping well at all and was still in a lot of pain (without pain medication). From that night on, I have slept completely through the night and I am already weaning off my pain medication which I 've been on and off for the last 13 years. I saw my spinal surgeon yesterday and he and his nurse were very surprised at how well I am doing! I attribute it to the medal! I am 50-years old and I had been feeling much older due to all the pain I've had in my body. I now feel more like 35!

I have to say, I was a little skeptical of the medal having so much power. I wondered if just believing in it is what makes it work? I feel our family has been ready and searching for a more spiritual life recently. our 24-year old daughter has been an inspiration to us and, I fell, has played a part in our readiness. Ronni is an alcoholic and went into a rehab facility on July 23rd, 2007. She has attended AA meetings seven days a week and has become very spiritual in her recovery. What I do know, is SOMETHING led our family to you and already we are a happier family because of you, the classes, and the medals. I decided not to question HOW the medal works but to enjoy that it DOES work.

There aren't any words to express the gratitude we feel toward you and the trust and faith you have shown in us as a family! We are truly blessed and look forward to the new journey we are on through you and your classes!

Linda D., CA
Jan 22, 2008

After wearing the pendant for a while, I felt normal and really didn't notice its powers much since I wore it all the time. Earlier this year, I had given the pendant back to Master Kim so he could repair some minor scratches. It was a week until I could get the pendant back but during that week, I was reminded of the significance of the medallion. After wearing it for almost a year, I realized that I could not do the same things I had done with the medallion on. I found that I could not stay up late studying like I used to with it on and still stay focused. I also found that throughout the day my alertness and energy was reduced to the point that I could easily be distracted. I also felt tired before the end of the day. It was such a relief that I could get the pendant back and feel its miraculous power.

Libu J., CA
My husband Bryan and my son Casey have been taking Karate lessons from Grand Master Kim for the last nine months now. I know Master Kim is a great teacher and an excellent healer. My mom who is a kidney transplant patient was not feeling very well one day. Master Kim introduced me to the pendant and said great things about it. I bought one for my mom that same day she was sick. I told my mom to wear the pendant and she was so week she couldn't lift her head not to mention she was shivering. After a few hours I went up stairs to see how she was doing, and she was sitting on her bed asking me for something to eat. After that, she came down from her room and started to play the piano and was singing. She said that she felt much better. That pendant is really amazing, my mom has never felt better. Now my Husband and son wear them.

Thank you Master Kim for all your help. You truly are a grand Master!!!

Natalie C., CA
Often I felt fatigued, one day my tooth cracked in half. The nerve was exposed and I felt pain for two weeks straight. The pain made it difficult to eat and concentrate on anything. After I received my BYK pendant and placed in around my neck the pain was alleviated in minutes. Since then the pain has gone as well as my fatigue. Today I feel full of energy.

Marc S., CA
I wear my pendant to heal my back pain and to balance out my energy, one day at 3:00 a.m. my two year old daughter woke up with a bad stomach ache. She was shaking really bad and was in a lot of pain. My wife brought her to our room and we lay down with her to see if we could sooth her by rubbing her stomach but nothing we did would work. I removed my pendant from my neck and placed it on her stomach. Within one minute she stopped shaking and within two minutes she was sound asleep. My wife and I were amazed by the effects of the pendants energy and we recommend it to any one for anything.

Ron G., CA